October 2018

Thanks to the great growth rate this year, a selection of seedlings were ready to be planted earlier than scheduled. The seedlings scheduled for planting March 2019 were ready to be planted this year during October 2018 and are now planted on our latest development, Wold Farm. 

WFS acquired Wold Farm specifically to plant these seedlings.

The 3 year old seedlings planted not only enable us to reduce the investment term for our partners from 8 years to just a 5 year period, but this also ensures that the seedlings being planting are in great health, further minimising any risks the seedlings may have faced in their early life.


Here you can view a selection of the photos taken before, during and after the planting on Wold Farm.

If you would like to view more pictures of Wold Farm, please click here to view the full selection on Flickr.

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