Crick Lodge Farm Is Fully Subscribed

Spring 2018

Crick Lodge development was planted with 3 year old pre nurtured Nordmann Fir seedlings (Abies Nordmanniana) during Spring of 2018.

This development is managed by a specialised team and will be for the next five years until harvest, ensuring the saplings grow to their maximum potential.


Planting 3 year old pre nurtured seedlings not only enables us to reduce the term for our partners from the usual 8 years to just a 5 year period until full maturity, but this also ensures that all the seedlings being planting are in perfect health, further minimising the risks involved.


Here you can view a selection of the photos taken before, during and after the planting process on Crick Lodge Development.

If you would like to view more pictures of Crick Lodge, please click here to view the full selection on Flickr.

Crick Lodge Farm Is Fully Subscribed

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