WFS Ireland offers direct investments into sustainable managed agro-forestry plantations. Affordable entry levels give both private and institutional investors access to the wealth generated from the production of timber, timber products and of agro-forestry crops.

Looking at the figures

Agro-forestry investments have had proven returns and have performed solidly for over 30 years unlike other more traditional investments such as stocks and shares, which are much more volatile. In terms of a high return and a low risk investment, agro-forestry products consistently show attractive, sustainable characteristics whilst having a negative correlation to other types of investment; agro-forestry is recognised as the only asset class to have risen during three out of the last four market collapses of the 20th century.

This type of investment is also regarded as a strong “inflation hedge” whereby timber prices continue to float above the rate of inflation, even in the face of harsh economic downturn and poor performance in other investment sectors. Performance indicators point to continued growth and superior returns in the future in this sector, making it an excellent prospect for investors looking to diversify their existing portfolios.

WFS Ireland - Forestry
WFS Ireland - Why Forestry?

Why Forestry?

  • Trees are not affected by market sentiment;
  • Trees physically grow increasing in size and value;
  • Timber is a finite resource and global commodity;
  • There is a multitude of end user markets that rely on timber including; construction, office supplies and energy markets amongst others;
  • Timber does not have to be harvested if market prices are down. This means that although the return on investment is delayed, investors can avoid taking a loss; (ultimately, storing the commodity on “the stump” does not incur costs of storage fees and moreover the commodity continues to increase in mass and value).

The Model

WFS Ireland’s business model is very simplistic in its nature. You, the lender, lend WFS Ireland money for the purpose of purchasing seedlings, the planting, caring and when fully matured, the harvest of Christmas trees. Your returns are fixed by way of an interest payment on your loan.

As a client of WFS Ireland, you will receive a loan agreement, a contract between both parties that stipulates all of our commitments to you throughout the term of your loan to us. Once you are happy and comfortable to proceed with loan, these documents will be signed by both parties and are then legally binding.

Our commitment to you


We give our clients the security and safety of owning the asset their money is invested in;

Peace of Mind

We provide investments that have almost no correlation to the volatility associated with financial markets;


We ensure ethical values have been used in the establishment of all plantations that our clients invest in;

Strong Economic Links

We ensure that strong social and economic links with local communities are established and maintained;

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