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Growing Returns From Seed Capital

Proven Asset Class

Forestry has out performed all other conventional asset classes for more than 30 years

Low Risk

No correlation to conventional volatile financial markets such as stocks and shares

Portfolio Diversification

Forestry Investments help create a more efficient portfolio, reducing the overall portfolio’s risk level

Introduction to WFS

WFS is an independent forestry asset manager, which identifies niche forestry markets such as the spectacular Nordmann fir Christmas tree phenomenon, providing our clients with both stability and diversification not normally found in traditional investment areas.

Agro-forestry investments have become a popular focus of investment over a number of years due to the areas return/risk profile. Historically the area has been dominated by pension funds, land owners and institutional investors.

The investments negative correlation to other traditional markets such as stocks and shares offers the astute investor the opportunity to lower investment volatility and increased overall returns providing an optimum route for portfolio diversification.

Biological growth is what separates timberland from other investments and is estimated to be the most important return driver. The effect of biological growth is two dimensional. Not only do the trees grow in volume, but as they grow, they also turn into higher value products.

Through WFS Ireland, investors are able to invest reasonably small amounts into agro-forestry, with options available from as little as €9,140 upwards to €250,000 offering the investor the unique opportunity to invest directly into large scale agro-forestry projects at ground level. WFS Ireland will personalize the investment to suit your individual requirements.

WFS clients will also have a dedicated Account Manager appointed to them with direct contact via telephone and email, thus offering greater control of their investment holdings.

Here’s What Our Clients Have Said About Us

WFS Ireland have been a pleasure to do business with. Regular updates on my current investment as well as quarterly reports allow me to keep track of my investment at all times.

Patrick FitzgeraldIreland, 2014

After having made a good profit in the stock market I wanted to find an investment that was more hands off but still provided a stable rate of return above inflation. With forestry investments and their past performance for over a couple decades it has been the perfect investment. A great customer service and regular contact from my account manager has made me a satisfied client. 

John PattersonScotland, 2015

I just wanted a investment where I could put my capital in for a few years and accumulate a good rate of interest. I also needed liquidity within the investment just in case I needed my investment back. Harvey, my senior portfolio manager was able to find an investment that met all of my requirements. The only down fall may be that they’re slightly longer term investments, but to be honest to get a good return these days you need to look longer term if you don’t want to take much risk.

Helen EdgerleyUnited Kingdom, 2014

A great way I’ve found to hedge my portfolio with all this financial volatility and low interest rates with the bank. I’ve invested in forestry before and it’s always been a good performer, you just have to hold for the long run. Great service throughout my trading experiences with WFS-Ireland. Would definitely recommend and have already, to friends and family. 

Timothy JacobsUnited Kingdom, 2016

Great company to look at alternative investment opportunities. Especially being from Malaysia these investments can be hard to find. With WFS and their constant updates of their projects with photos and videos ,I am able to see my investment and keep a good eye on it even being overseas.  Regular updates and new investment opportunities are presented to me on a regular basis, so I would recommend this company to anyone overseas looking to invest in a growing company.

Peter Chin Boon Malaysia, 2015

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